Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How are things in Dublin ... Eamon? Monty Python remembered!

Well all eyes will be on Ireland tomorrow when the latest estimated (full???) costs of the Anglo Irish Bank fiasco are announced. Am I alone in recalling the Monty Python sketch with the Zulu warrior on the phone being asked "How are things in Dublin, Eamon?" The script for that episode is linked here, unhappily I could not find the video, an excerpt is quoted here for the flavour: +++++

(As she puts the phone down the front door beside her opens and there stands a huge African warrior in war paint and with a spear and shield. At his feet are several smart suitcases.)

Eamonn: Mummy!

Mrs Little: Eamonn. (he brings in the cases and doses the front door) Mervyn! Look it's our Eamonn - oh let me look at you, tell me how... how is it in Dublin?

Eamonn: Well, things is pretty bad there at the moment but there does seem some hope of a constitutional settlement.


I wonder if things will be so hopeful or so funny tomorrow?



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