Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A person who publishes a small-scale blog!

The Government amendment to the Bill instituting State Control of the Freedom of Speech has replaced an amendment as suggested by Lord Lucas and replaced it with an undefined reference to a person described as in the title to this posting, read here.

There can be no clearer indication that the plan of this truly quite evil Coalition Government is to shut down bloggers mentioning the UK across the entire globe and instill fear amongst those endeavouring to pass independent comment on the activities of these weak and pitiable politicians.

A commenter to this blog, when I suspended blogging here because of this threat, expressed the opinion that Cyprus was a graver threat. Although theft of all our monies is a terrible thing, I retain the belief that the threat to our freedom of expression is even worse. It is absolutely clear that such is what the Government of Cameron and Clegg is now about, all those assisting them should be thoroughly ashamed.

Another link for comment on this is from Big Brother Watch linked here.


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