Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bank Run Fear as Depositers Scalped in Cyprus

Reuters reports linked here, on the scalping of ordinary savers in Cyprus by the EU authorities, (increasingly desperate to save their political project of the Euro and now clearly prepared to stop at nothing in an attempt so to do,) seem instead to have sealed its fate this Saturday morning!

The last thing these blinkered idiots could have desired was headlines regarding potential bank runs!

Where is there a safe haven for ordinary ciitizens savings in the monstrous undemocratic beast these people have created? Yet the conclusion to that report's first paragraph is as follows "despite the risks of a wider bank run."

Given that the British Government itself is part of this secretive regime, are even sterling deposits in English banks now safe from the demands of ever more cash for this voracious and bankrupt monstrosity that EU has become?

The Coalition Government in its actions over HS2 and elsewhere daily demonstrates it is completely subservient to the diktats of Brussels. All three of Britain's main political parties are now themselves almost completely reliant on EU disbursements!

Presumably only in Germany can EU citizens feel complacent over the sanctity of their savings, as elsewhere debts have mounted to giddying sums in a vain attempt to satisfy the infinite demands for supposed but unachievable European Unity.

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