Thursday, March 14, 2013

"This House" by James Graham a 'MUST SEE'!

I have not been blogging for the past few days as I needed to take some time off to see the National Theatre production of the play "This House" by James Graham which portrays the parliamentary skullduggery of the nineteen-seventies.

The general disinterest to that destruction of our democracy by the general British population to those disgraceful events was aptly portrayed by an apparently supefluous pop group loudly strumming away beyond the dominating presence of the face of Big Ben in a magnificent set that enhanced the cleverly written plot.

I left England as a result of these shenanigans and went to work in the USA. That the Labour Party was able to revive itself from those disgraceful years and once again conspire to trash the nation under Blair and Brown is a damning indictment of the utter unfitness and general stupidity of the tribal British electorate.

In the interval I had the misfortune to stand in line at the water and ice-cream stall alongside Jack Straw. Scruffily dressed in a manner that if seen on a tube platform might cause one to select a different door, on suspicion of mal-odour, he represented a fitting symbol at that very theatre of the degradation that he and his ilk have brought upon Britain!

I hope as many as possible will make the effort to see the play, even the snow covered difficulties of a Normandy and Channel crossing could not make my visit seem unnecessary, for these MPs of all parties were the ones, who as a Scottish MP makes clear in the dialogue, destroyed our nation and centuries of struggle and endeavour that was sacrificed by our forebears in building it!

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Blogger john in cheshire said...

Jack Straw is just one among the many who are in need of condign punishment. I left the UK in 1979 because I couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I came back in 1986 because I was reading how Margaret and her crew had restored civilisation to our country. And of course they did for a short while. I wish to high heaven that I'd stayed away. Communism is everywhere and no one acknowledges its existence. What on earth did my forebears fight for if it wasn't to spare us the hell of communist dictatorship; and yet that's what we have allowed to happen; with the socialists bringing in their muslim brethren.

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