Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brilliant result for Bepe Grillo in Italy

The five star party of Bepe Grillo has emerged as the largest party in Italy following the General Election gaining around one quarter of the votes cast with Mario Monti crushed into fourth place with less than ten per cent of votes cast.

The EU is now in chaos, can it be bought to an end? I have been mainly tweeting this morning, on these fast moving events some of which are repeated herewith:

  1. , we could do the same before too long ".........the public here is as angry as that in Italy......."
  2. "...a tyrannical course, (as defined by Karl Popper) was indeed the one selected by those in real control of the EU"
  3. The scandal engulfing Nick Clegg demonstrates why he wants to gag the press with statutory regulation and why we should resist it
  4. Bersani's centre-left bloc has 29.54% of vote for the lower house (Chamber of Deputies), barely ahead of the 29.18% for next group Chaos?
  5. The citizens of Europe are increasingly sick........... >>>>>of both the Commission and some of its institutions
  6. The citizens of Europe are increasingly sickened by both the non-audited corruption in EU expenditure and the non-democratic nature of >>>>>
  7. If voters reject on Thursday that statement on would seem correct. If UKIP get in, then we're as
  8. The EU has a golden opportunity to change course. This is of particular value to & De who faces defeat if € continues bloody&wounded
  9. Italian elections have not delivered an Italian Crisis to the EU. pressed its € crisis on to Italy who have thrown it back + interest
  10. If the Yard finds Lord innocent of any criminality, whom within the FibDems will they charge with waste of police time!


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Highly amusing, that.

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