Sunday, February 24, 2013


On a Sunday morning exactly ten years ago this weekend I published on "Ironies" the attacking comment under this post's same title, it having been banned by the EU Europa Futurum fora:

 "Democracy or Pan-European Totalitarianism

The remarks were directed at those driving the EU, driving the Intergovernmental Convention that eventually delivered the EU Constitutional Treaty, later the Reform Treaty, which has now been  enacted under the name of the Lisbon Treaty, and incorporated as the TEU and TFEU!

It  today imposes the TYRANNY under which 27 formerly sovereign democratic counries of Europe are being controlled and governed.

It did not have to be like that although quite clearly that is where Europe was even then quite clearly headed under the evil men today even further cemented in power. Here are just three paragraphs from that posting showing just how different things could today have been:

Should Europe’s new institutions be directly controlled by 'the majority' using the new tools available from the revolution in information technology?

Why is the major topic of discussion in the Convention, not about how the people of Europe may periodically remove their leaders and avoid the new organisations such as the ERRF and Europol becoming the instruments of a despot?

Are, perhaps, the tyrants already in control?


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