Friday, March 15, 2013

Imposing the German Way across the Globe

Are we right to fear German Hegemony?

The cover of this week's New Statesman certainly seems to wish to alert its readers and newsstand browsers to such a possibility with this week's edition reproduced here:

The agreed "Conclusions" to the European Council Meeting of last evening, available in pdf format from this link, make absolutely clear how the Teutonic Juggernaut has been able to merely roll over and completely disregard PM David Cameron's pointless attempt to make an impact by removing Britain from the EU "Compact for Growth and Jobs" note this passage from the main summary:

"The European Council had a comprehensive discussion on the economic and social situation and set the orientations for the economic policy of the Member States and the European Union in 2013. The focus should be on the implementation of decisions taken, in particular as regards the Compact for Growth and Jobs."

Note here the melange created amongst the supposed separate and different involvements of the 17 slave-states of the Euro Group, the 26 EU Compact victims and the now apparently irrelevant but actually Treaty defined 27 actual Member States.

The giant corporations that run German industry, having Europe now they clearly believe, fully under their control; are turning their main attentions  elsewhere, witness these three very recent examples of one such, Siemens, interests and influence within the USA:

Siemens feted at the State of the Union address by President Obama 24th January 

Video from Fox News with the CEO of Siemens US Corporation on a meeting on Cybersecurity with President Obama at the White House 

Video from Bloomberg TV where the interviewer Peter Cook has the courage to ask CEO Peter Spiegel, what is the deal between Obama and Siemens!

In Europe of course, Siemens, is one of the more obvious German Giant industrial concerns, as it is for that companies useless High Speed Trains Europeans' countryside is widely being ripped apart at huge cost, for journeys those most affected by the devestation will never be able to afford to make nor have the need so to do. 4G investment would be far better spent but of little return to German heavy industry.

The High Speed rail lines remind me a bit of Roman roads, all leading to the useless and corrupt centre, in the case of the EU Brussels, rather than Rome, not for the use or convenience of the people along the route, but for the rapid movement of the forces necessary to ensure the peoples continued subjugation!

Peter Cook, the Bloomberg interviwer in the latter link, tweeted in advance of his report, if any tweeters had suggested questions for Siemens' Siegel, I suggested he ask whether Siemens were the real victors of World War Two?

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