Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ironies Too & UK State Press Controls

An early version of the proposed legislation covering the UK Press, as circulated last week, was clearly a dagger aimed at the very heart of blogs such as Ironies Too. It stipulated digital publications mainly aimed for the UK public or concerned with UK affairs would be covered within its ambit.

A provisional look through the proposals agreed and passing through Parliament yesterday in such a bizarre and extraordinary manner, seem to not cover this blog, written in France and published by Blogger in California, but until I am certain of that fact I will not be posting here.

The events over Cyprus indicate how today governments seem prepared to take actions without the benefits of enabling legislation, such that even the most law-wbiding of citizens can thus be put at risk of inadvertantly breaking a law of whose very possibility they may have been completely unaware. There is enough written on this blog already to fully explain the motivations of why those now in power seek to achieve such a result, fear of the truth of their own actions and pasts being revealed so demonstrating their true motivations, filth indeed, as I have often felt compelled to summarise!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fight the Good Fight any way you can, Martin. In the end TPTB will NOT win. Pushed too far and the 'plebs' will fight back. The British Government et al know what's 'on the cards' for them - sooner or later, whatever happens across the Channel will happen here.

8:42 AM  
Blogger strapworld said...

Everything you have been warning us about is coming to pass. Thank you for your stout defence of our democratic rights- which we are losing daily.

Last night's debacle in the House of Commons shows, without any shadow of doubt that Cameron is both a coward and no lover of democracy. But we cannot expect the toadies around him to take him out.

I worry for my children and grandchildren.

1:32 PM  

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