Thursday, June 14, 2012

US LNG exports will expose the conspiracy/fraud suffered by EU Gas consumers for decades.

My eye was caught yesterday by the following tweet from Nick Grealy, a shale gas expert whom I follow on Twitter. The Forbes article may be read from the pasted link:
Why exporting US LNG is a good idea. Unless you're Russian, Qatari, Australian or Centrica .

Why is this of interest and how can it justify my headline to this post with all its grave implications of a vast conspiracy having been perpetrated against customers for natural gas within the EU over many years? Particularly, I would stress, within the UK, due to the transmission constraints of the Bacton Interconnector, long the topic of speculation on this blog!

Reading and understanding the Forbes article it becomes clear that it has so far proved impossible to establish any indice for the international pricing of tradable natural gas, known in the business as LNG. If US LNG exports are allowed this fact will become both common knowledge and eventually cause that circumstance to no longer be true. That will then become widespread common knowledge as natural gas prices are seen to tumble.

The complete and utter confidence trick of the supposed monitoring of wholesale gas prices such as that by Ofgem in the UK, read their presentation from here in pdf format, will quickly then become exposed. Activities, such as these, will then be exposable by a paper trail of invoicing for investigators of any possible industry involvement.

Uncovering the motivation of national regulators, governments and their agencies, the possible advantages gained by elected political parties and susidising of the institutions of the EU itself, will hopefully eventually follow.

A possible further end result might be that we will detect the motivation behind Britain's three main parties leading us into the disastrous EU arrangements on the sly, even though the present collapse and likely disastrous economic consequences were always flagged up by leading economists and many other opponents such as myself, who holds considerable experience in natural gas pricing issues relating to LNG projects, North Sea Gas production and pricing and indeed the seaborne trading of LPG. I have always believed that what has been going on in the EU is based on an entirely false premise namely a wholesale market price where no free market either exists or is possible in the case of the UK.

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