Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eurosceptics are not gloating!

The following is from a must read article from Der Spiegel, linked here.

Those of us who repeatedly warned in the 1990s that the experiment of monetary union would end badly would be gloating now -- if we were not so troubled by the prospect of history repeating itself.

One of the authors of the article found via the above link, Niall Ferguson in another article which I linked in a tweet earlier today also wrote in an article on how Obama could be defeated by the euro crisis see here, a conclusion with the following on a supreme irony, apt for quoting here on this blog:

The law of unintended consequences is the only real law of history. If the disintegration of Europe kills the reelection hopes of a president Europeans fell in love with four years ago, it will be one of the supreme ironies of our time.

Both articles point to a solution of the euro crisis involving a non-democratic, German dominated Euro Zone block of ex-sovereign states. Saving Obama cannot justify plunging the world towards such a disaster, even if it happens to the the one this blogger always feared as the certain end result.

Allowing the euro and the entire fabric of the EU around which it was built and which itself has become rotten to the core to self-destruct, must be preferable to such a result.

Germans insisting on a return to the Deutsche Mark would IMO now seem to best achieve such an end!

This longstanding and daily blogging eurosceptic is not gloating, he is scared for all the people of Europe!



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Is schadenfreude gloating?

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