Monday, June 11, 2012

Open Europe demonstrates its true credentials.

Open Europe has for long been a good source for "selected" material on the EU. Its true agenda and backing has always been suspect.

The first entry of its daily press briefing today destroys any doubts as to its main agenda, read here!

It seems to this blogger a very good thing that as the evil EU approaches the point of collapse, one of its secretive fellow travelling operations has thus chosen to come clean!

A quote from the opening of the Press Summary:

New Open Europe report: Leaving the EU would raise more questions than answers 
Open Europe has published a new report today which outlines the potential alternatives to EU membership if the UK decided to the leave the EU altogether, and their implications for British economic and political interests.

How many other times in our long history must it have appeared that fighting for our national independence, democracy and individual freedoms may not have appeared as being within in our immediate short term "economic and political interests"?


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