Friday, June 08, 2012

When does the negligence of the Leaders of the EU become criminal?

The answer to the question posed in the headline to this posting, as to when the negligence of the leadership demonstrated by those guiding the EU, cannot be answered by anything I can find within the relevant EU Treaties. Indeed, if anything, all that appears to have been provided therein seems to be for all those individuals involved to live free for ever from all the consequences of their appalling actions.

It will therefore be up to the laws of each individual member state to determine whether or not those responsible for the disasters unfolding across the EU will ever be held liable, or indeed bear any adverse consequences at all for their gross, obscene, possibly criminal and worst of all long foreseen and predicted negligence. Take Spain, which Fitch downgraded three notches yesterday, the consequences of the country's building bust have been heading our way for years, but ZERO preparations seem to have been made!

In Britain's case, a headline in today's Telegraph proclaims Cameron as claiming he will protect Britain from the future consequences of an EU Superstate, given the record of himself and his party down the years, this is an absurd claim and one not borne out in the video from Berlin, used by that newspaper, to substantiate its headline as may be seen here:

The detail on what Cameron actually said from the body of the article, was most clearly as follows:

“I understand why single currency countries have to look at deeper integration. What I will do is make sure that Britain’s interest, particularly in the single market, is protected,” he said. “I am convinced that as Europe develops, we can protect Britain’s interests in a proper way.”

How can gross negligence such as that being clearly repeated yet again be countered by the laws of our land?

Is it not about time some legal or prosecuting authorities began to investigate such a crucial point.

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Blogger Robert said...

Cmeron would seem more to be looking after Europe's interest in Britain rather than the otherway round.

Interestingly it seems that Cameron was not the only prime minister visiting Merkel yesterday. The Norwegian prime minister also called in on Merkel while Dave was there according to EUreferendum

No mention of this coincidence in the UK press however.

3:25 PM  

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