Thursday, June 07, 2012

Strengthening UK ties to Norway

British PM Cameron's visit to Norway is shamefully the first by a British Prime Minister for 26 years, read here, yet the importance of the relationship between the two sovereign nations has never been so enormous - just as I tried to stress in my novel written over fifteen years ago, and still available from this blog.

Another big sign of movement in the same argument many have been advancing regarding the EU, for even more years than even that, comes with an explanation of the simplicity with which Britain could withdraw from that collapsing and corrupt construct, delivered by John Redwood MP on his blog this morning, linked from here.

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Blogger Robert said...

'The EU has violated and diminished that imperial sovereignty, confirmed by Parliament in 1533 and passed to Parliament over the ensuing three centuries.'

So says Redwood. But he is wrong. What you get with the EU is 'what it says on the tin'. All the decrees are there, the protocols and such like published for those who wanted to read them. If our government of the day did not want to tell the people that is something else. It is parliament that has voted for the violation of our imperial sovereignty not the EU and the likes of Redwood have represented the party that has caused much of the damage.

Perhaps Cameron has gone to Norway to apologise for Churchill’s violation of Norwegian neutrality in 1940 or that may be forgiven in the light of these revelations

I have thought for some time that the Swedes were a bit suspect up to Stalingrad.

Cameron then goes on to Berlin to get his orders from the European president. His apparent mission is to push for Eurobonds, but is more to get Obama re-elected than to sort out the Eurozone. He will be told how the EU will have a new treaty which he is not to put to a referendum in the UK as that would upset things. The Eurozone however should collapse long before he needs to do that.

A French president has also finally admitted that British forces were involved in the D-Day landings and has found the graves of those who lost their lives 68 years ago.

He will go on to the 68th anniversary of the freeing of Paris in August to reaffirm that Paris was ‘liberee par elle- meme’.
‘Paris ! Paris outragée ! Paris brisée ! Paris martyrisée ! mais Paris libérée ! libérée par elle-même, libérée par son peuple avec le concours des armées de la France, avec l'appui et le concours de la France tout entière, de la France qui se bat, de la seule France, de la vraie France, de la France éternelle.’

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