Monday, June 04, 2012

Olli says EU moving towards "banking union" ekathimerini

Rehn: "We are now moving on in the discussion on the possible ways and means to create a banking union"

The above is from Twitter. If Olli Rehn says it then on his track record it is likely to be the absolutely last thing ever likely to take place, for proof see all his other statements on the euro crisis.



Blogger Sue said...

""Multi-Stage" Nannycrat Proposals; Devaluation - The Last Option? Note to Wolfgang Münchau, Martin Wolf, Jeremy Siegel at the Financial Times: Focus on the Obtanium not the Unobtanium"

Mish's Global Analysis

I would tend to believe this post, it's all bluff again, the whole bloody lot. Truth is, nobody knows what to do and nobody wants to take responsibility.

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