Friday, June 01, 2012

The "things" that govern us and their "name redacted" controllers.

I watched a fair bit of TV yesterday, most of it Hunt at Leveson, see here.

In between, on the news a Treasury Minister, tried to explain that backtracking on the taxation ceiling on charitable giving, which in the budget was forecast to produce considerabl revenue, would now not affect the sums at all. George Osborne the Chancellor briefly appeared as if in a cameo of complete absurdity.

Hunt with shifty eyes and dodgy demeanour stole the day in leading for deception and duplicity, however, all clearly performed to protect his own puppet master, our disgraceful PM, who duly decided, shortly after the charade finished, that Hunt would not be investigated for breaking the ministerial code.

All the day lacked was an appearance from the Deputy PM, Nick Clegg, a product of the exact same mould who pretends to represent a separate party peddling slightly variant lies.

The questioning of Hunt cleverly contrived around the name Jeremy, did at least reveal to the world, that the names of the true filth who have delivered our nation to its present state, the senior civil servants, had all been redacted from the evidence to the Leveson Inquiry!

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Blogger Admiral J Sparrow said...

Redaction, one of the worst words in a democracy, along with I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

7:58 AM  

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