Tuesday, May 29, 2012

EU Failure in fine detail from Pew Global.

According to the Pew Global Attitudes Report,  "European Unity on the Rocks", released today, linked here, "Germany is now the only society where a healthy majority (59%) think integration has actually bolstered their economy."

It is a mystery how the incompetent non-German national leaders, who continue to destroy their demestic economies in the name of yet further integration, actually expect to get away with such grotesque mismanagement, surely they cannot all be merely following German "orders"?

There is still much muddled thinking across the EU regarding the nature of the EU project. Years of constant EU propaganda and school brainwashing cannot quickly be undone! The loss of democracy and  individual freedoms in what is clearly a collectivist state and classic tyranny as defined by Karl Popper, seems yet to only barely be sinking home. As the economic consequences of the disaster continue to worsen, such a state of innocence can surely not much longer last. At least the truth on the euro is becoming accepted, note this comment from the Overview:

Among the five euro area nations surveyed, a median of only 37% believes having the euro as their currency has been a good thing. This includes just 30% of the Italians and 31% of the French. At the same time, the three non-euro zone countries surveyed are quite happy they have kept their own currencies, including nearly three-quarters of the British (73%).

How can we Europeans bloodlessly escape this nightmare and so disprove Karl Popper' assertion? Especially since our democracies have been neutered, while all the levers of economic power have been handed over to effective eventual German control, apparently now to be even more obviously manipulated for that one nation's sole benefit?


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