Saturday, May 26, 2012

Living daily lies domestically impacts foreign policy too!

Our politicians who lie on  such a regular, routine and casual basis, are now in danger of not recognising, let alone facing up to, obvious facts as they appear to the general public.

No, I am not here thinking of the Leveson inquiry, rather a broadcast yesterday morning, in which the High Commissioner from Pakistan in London, tried to assert that part of the thirty odd year prison sentence passed against the doctor who helped to identify the genes of Osama Bin Laden, was down to some mishandling of polio prevention in that country.

Considering the outrageous statements made by members of our own government on an almost daily basis, we are hardly in a position to protest at such obvious attempted deception. The US is cutting aid to Pakistan as a result, but what stance is Britain , the former colonial power, taking? An article on the disaster unfolding in Pakistan from Toronto is relevant.

Because of virtually unrestricted mass immigration from Pakistan to Britain over recent decades, Pakistan is not merely a matter of Foreign Affairs for our country!
Yet what mention of the grave issues all this raises for Britain does this get from either our politicians or on the pages and airwaves of our shamed and useless mass media?



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