Friday, May 25, 2012

The mendacious message from Smith via Hunt and Cameron!

We do not need at present to say much more on Adam Smith, who will be on TV at Leveson again this morning, other than that he studied history at Durham and thereafter, at thirty, he has continued to do absolutely nothing with his life other than be at the complete beck and call of the unspeakable piece of filth that Jeremy Hunt is presently being exposed to be. One presumes Smith expected to one day fill Hunt's shoes! Enough said!

Jeremy Hunt attained his present position, where he screws every new penny of advantage out of his contacts that he seems able, in the 24 hours each day provides, from the following launch pad, as detailed on Wikipedia:

Hunt was educated at Charterhouse School, where he was Head Boy,[2] before going up to Magdalen College, Oxford where he graduated with a First in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) (MA)

Hunt has had detail of more of his business activities explored on John Ward's blog, The Slog, which may be read from here and here.

But again like Smith, Hunt although thoroughly loathsome is not the main problem, for he is but a mere creature of our present Prime Minister, David Cameron.

The memo between the two men, lied about later in Parliament by Hunt, see here, seems to prove that point beyond any shadow of doubt.

Cameron's deep flaws have for long been pointed out on this blog's sister site "Teetering Tories". Members of the Conservative Party chose to ignore such faults in the hope of electoral rewards, which they are today harvesting to grave and possibly permanent cost to our nation state.

We in Britain must now look to our elected MPs to do the honourable thing, and regardless of party, remove these charlatans from power - unhappily the Smith/Hunt/Cameron blueprint for power grabbing conspiracy is not unique to the Tory Party! Only a subsequent election can redress that sorry fact!

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