Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tyranny in operation - putting the unratified ESM to work in July

The ESM is designed to replace the EFSF and EFSM, It has not been ratified among the Euro Group countries involved. Despite this, the effective date for putting it to work has been advanced from the originally scheduled date of early 2013 to July 2012.

In the case of Holland, their parliament has been dissolved and a caretaker government is in place. Elections have been pushed back to September. The outgoing Prime Minister Rutte signed the Treaty before parliamentary debate and the dissolution of his Government.

An opinion poll for television programme EenVandaag this Tuesday showed that six out of 10 Dutch voters think parliament should not ratify the treaty to set up a permanent European rescue fund until after the September general election.

Elsewhere across the EU other wierd manipulations are underway to push this treaty through.

Europe has, it appears, lost any care or thought for their dying democratic freedoms!



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