Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Belgian cuisine what EU summits are for!

Peter Tenebrarum, Acting Man, concludes his comments on the useless EU summit of last evening as follows:

We have all heard Rompuy's wish list before – a thousand times in fact. Now, should someone from the eurocracy stumble over this blog, here are a few tips:

Politicians and bureaucrats create neither economic growth nor jobs. The only positive thing they can do, apart from resigning on the spot, consists of getting  out of the way. Chuck the myriad regulations that are stifling the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe; cut fiscal spending so that the State shrinks back to a far smaller percentage of economic activity than it represent today; cut taxes. Cut down on your own numbers, generously

While you're at it, think over the current monetary system and its countless flaws. It would be best to throw it out of the window and start from scratch, with a free banking system based on sound money and the strict enforcement of property rights (no more money from thin air, so that two or more different people no longer end up having claims on the same original deposit; this has been regarded as a fraudulent practice in Europe since antiquity, and although it has been legalized, it still is a fraudulent practice).

It is really simple. One needs neither euro-bonds for this, nor 'tax harmonization' or any of the other gimmicks the centralizers and socialist super-state builders dream about, nor should it matter whether everybody uses the same medium of exchange or not. Of course the gravy train in Brussels and bureaucratic centers elsewhere would end up considerably diminished.

This last sentence is why none of the above is likely to happen anytime soon. Still, we should probably be glad if nothing actually comes out of the summit. One must always fear the worst when they actually do make decisions on something. As the title of this blog suggests, the main reason to travel to these summits is probably the undoubtedly high quality of the catering.

Read the entire posting from here.The title, I think, comes from Hitchhikers Guide...: "So long comrades, and Thanks for all the shrimp".


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