Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blair at Leveson - "hitherto uncharted realms of madness"!

Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail covers the inadequacies of the questioning of the unspeakable Tony Blair at Leveson yesterday, linked from here. It concludes as follows:

Put Dr David Kelly’s terrible death to one side. The spinning, the media manipulation and occasionally the downright mendacity of his administration eventually inflicted unprecedented damage to the trust between the media and the political class and in the process corrupted public discourse.

So it was with some disbelief, and a very heavy heart, that I heard Lord Justice Leveson at the end of the proceedings invite an eager Tony Blair to come back with his best ideas for the proper regulation of the Press.

How he must have blessed the innocent judge! The thought of Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell determining how newspapers should behave takes us into hitherto uncharted realms of madness.

Beyond that the day was otherwise memorable for the interruption by a protester, who was at least able to express some of the angst many in the country must feel at the horrendous damage Blair and his immediate successor inflicted upon Britain. At least the results are now clearly written upon the former man's features I noted!

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