Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30% of Conservative voters in Britain incredibly still believe something is salvageable from the EU.

Channel 4's Gary Gibbon, linked here. comments on a poll conducted by the Conservative Home blog, which shows that only 70% of grass roots tory voters in Britain have so far discerned the complete disaster for Britain that the European Union has become. This is a truly startling indictment of the cognitive powers of conservative voters, given that since the outset the project was bound to work against the economic interests of our islands, based as it was on the destruction of our trading patterns built over centuries around the common english language, and in more recent later years the deliberate takeover of nearly all our basic industries through the corruption of our political class and ruling establishment.

One presumes that these ignorant thirty per cent still supporting the EU, have their noses in the public trough and have yet to see that payment of even their own rewards for such treachery cannot long be maintained, dependant, as they have now become, upon the failing structures of the EU itself.

Debating now on whether or not to hold a referendum on whether or not to stay in a construct that is clearly falling apart at the seams is as disgraceful as not having held one over recent decades, when our democracy and wealth has been being sold off to foreigners for the proceeds to be trousered by the utterly treacherous looters and their paymasters who graspingly run our three main poltical parties.

In Spain the head of their central bank has this morning been forced to leave office early, a good precedent for us to follow with the removal of "SIR" Mervyn King as an initial consequence for his part in the destruction of our pound sterling!



Anonymous Mike Spilligan said...

I see from one report that Cameron is considering whether to offer an EU referendum in the next "Conservative" manifesto ! Who, in their right mind, would believe him?
From contacts I have who are local Tory party members there are plenty of that minute section of the population who, incredible as that may seem, would trust him again.

7:35 AM  

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