Monday, June 04, 2012

Biblical deluge swamps 60th coronation celebrations of our Sold-out Sovereign!

At least the Queen avoided following a barge of pealing bells in a rowed and gilded barge called 'Gloriana'. She also shunned the plush red thrones, on the more aptly named Churchillian,"Spirit of Chartwell", povided for the Royal pair, although later in the seemingly endless procession of ever more boringly decorated and shabbily presented boats, she may well have wished they had been positioned to look abeam! Their stamina was the afternoon's highlight.

Earlier  throngs of betrayed Britons lined the river banks and bridges to snatch a momentary shred of hope that their rulers really did know either best, or what they were about, and that the reality of the growing European nightmare could somehow be delayed, or even made to disappear in memories of earlier occasions of less misplaced pomp and circumstance. The elements  were to offer them a brief opportunity for such escapism, before at the climax then conspiring to deliver the most telling apparent idictment that nature could have arranged on the rule to date of Queen Elizabeth II.

The pretentious pomposity of the London Philarmonic orchestra's 'Last night of the Proms Jingoism', complete with sea shanties, Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia, were literally washed out, with the sound often proving impossible to convey to the television audience for whom it was all presumably intentioned.

As the senior male members of the Saxe Coburg and Gotha dynasty, dressed as Admirals of Britain's once proud senior service, must surely have been mildly amazed as the very fireworks themselves were practically extinguished before they could depart the top of Tower Bridge, the multi-coloured jets planned from fire boats abandoned as pointless and the flying pilots of the Fleet Air Arm spared the ignominy of a fly past in the remaining remnants of their service so recently brutalised by the warped priorities of our grotesque coalition government.

For the Queen herself, however, the greatest challenge now almost certainly lies ahead.

In two weeks time the Greeks will deliver their own message to the EU, on the same day as the French nation will elect those who will serve in their parliament in the period that will cover some of the bloodiest anniversaries of the brutal invasion of their country by power-crazed Germans, through Belgium, one hundred years ago.

Those anniversaries will also soon be painfully remembered and the sacrifices recalled in nearly every family in Britain, across the Commonwealth and eventually all around the world.

How Germany reacts to the offer of Spain's sovereignty to Germany, effectively given by Spanish PM Rajoy over this same past weekend, will very much determine the true nature of the challenge that Her Majesty now faces!

If she reviews the generally lamentable BBC TV coverage of yesterday's river pageant events, she will see an interview with the skipper (and his mother) of a white rose decorated coal barge from Goole (for me the highlight of yesterday's events,) watching that she will be reminded that the spirit of the people of her country remains unchanged.

What curious times we are living through. Could such weather have been co-incidental?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biblical deluge? slightly over the top my dear pal. What was delightful was to see the Union flag waved by almost evryone.

How Merkel, Cameron, Clegg,Rumpy Pumpy and co must have hated the event. NOT ONE EU flag on display.

Not many street parties in Bradford, Oldham, Burnley and Leicester either.

12:03 PM  

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