Tuesday, June 12, 2012

As the EU has done to our fish so they will to the English with their freedoms!

A report on the upcoming EU fisheries ministers' meeting during which the extinction of our cod stocks will be permitted to continue takes place today. Here is a report from Ireland on the growing disaster, in Scotland too there is representation for sanity as may be read here.

In Westminster, with a Conservative MP, Richard Benyon, as Fisheries Minister, who does not know his fish but is the great-great grandson of former Conservative Prime Minister Lord Salisbury will no doubt nevertheless follow in the more recent tradition of his party by selling out the national interest and thereafter lying to Parliament, according to the precedent set by ex-PM Edward Heath and his lying henchman Geoffrey Ripon, on the topic of Britain's fish!

Further reading Wealthy-minister-earns-2m-subsidies-EU-farm-subsidies-department-tried-cover-up

Update 0745 BST. Note on the website of Defra, the responsible department covering our lost fisheries, there is a picture of a fishing boat but no mention of our fisheries, which from the inner pages appear to have no minister, no salt-water fish and zero importance, thus presumably deserving to become the parking place for the present minister, clearly a survivor and no relic of inherited and undeserved privilege.



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