Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Major's Conservatives preferred to lose election than oppose UK EU membership!

EurActiv has a report on John Major's evidence to the Leveson Inquiry yesterday.

This blog will be reporting in greater detail on the devestating implications of evidence about the EU from senior Conservative Party members next weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Until Hannan and Carswell leave the Conservative Party will the liked of ukip be able to attract credible politicians to lead a party committed to leaving the EU and with sensible policies which will attract that mass of people wanting to follow such a party.

Ukip have got to accept that with Farage they have failed to attract that mass. They are still seen as a junior model of the BNP.

Farage is preventing, for whatever means I cannot deduce, the anti eu lobby from developing into the large party it should be.

I do hope your article at the weekend uncovers the obvious treachery over the years by conservative prime ministers and cabinet ministers. The truth must out before people reject this awful party.

2:20 PM  

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