Thursday, March 22, 2012

Even the slow-witted morons of Britain's MSM Tory press grasp Osborne's outrage

The lamentable electronic Daily Telegraph, rarely ever worth a visit these days, leads with the following headline "Budget 2012: 'Granny tax' hits five million pensioners" while the ever more irrelevant Daily Mail has it as follows "Osborne is picking the pockets of four million pensioners: Elderly will foot the bill for Chancellor's tax giveaway"

As is nowadays typical, this blog was among the first to spot the disaster that this budget will prove to be. This will be perticularly true among the traditional supporters of the evermore disastrous Conservative Party, read my initial post of yesterday afternoon from here.

Attention must now shift to the Conservative backbenchers who allow this governmental abomination to continue to draw breath. John Redwood MP in his morning posting today, contents himself with a bland description of the measures and a dry description as to how far Osborne has departed from earlier intentions. As I replied by twitter -  "So the always obvious question now looms ever larger – Why do you remain on the backbenches serving this wayward Coalition?"

That question must this morning be troubling many on the Conservative backbenchers who are now seeing their main active party supporters being slowly crucified by Cameron, Clegg and Osborne in support of their friends the crooked bankers and our natinional exploiters within the EU.

John Ward of The Slog also has spotted this glaring contrast, read here.



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