Thursday, March 22, 2012

'As 'orrible Osborne admitted he is a "morally repugnant" aggressive tax evader?

On the Radio 4 Today Programme this morning, George (née Gideon) Osborne denied he was a 50p in the pound tax payer!

Most commentators, myself included, believed and stated during their budget coverage yesterday that because of their high salaries, paid by the long suffering tax payers, all Cabinet Ministers, let alone the more senior ones, must fall into that category.

Yet Osborne, also believed to have access to large independent means, almost at the beginning of his post budget day radio broadcast, denied that he had been within that category, which by the end of that same interview, saw those who had taken steps to avoid paying the 50p rate when previously their income was sufficient so to do, being described as "morally repugnant aggressive tax avoiders", rarely I would guess, has a British Chancellor of the Exchequer been so open as to his own motivations!



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