Friday, January 06, 2012

What's happening in Hungary?

One good source of information on the situation in Hungary is here.

This blogger has not been following events in that country, so is unqualified to comment. My gut feeling and initial reaction has been that following the end of communism a new constitution was passed that gives the government of the day the ability to amend it in Parliament given a two-thirds majority in favour. Such a majority now exists and legislation has been thus passed, democracy has therefore been exercised and consequently the voters will and their constitution is being followed. External bodies, such as the EU and IMF, should therefore have no basis nor right to interfere. (Reports that freedom of the press is being curtailed can nevertheless be rightly met with concern).

As the totally corrupted EU now only ever acts from its own perceived self-interest it is probably the case that a default, which Hungary is threatening,will likely cause that institution greater probems at this critical juncture than it will likely cause Hungary or the citizens of that country. Hence their objections!

I will be blogging on evil on Orphans of Liberty later today, I suspect there are shadows of that now at play in what is unfolding across Europe at present, all comment therefore has to be necessarily cautious.

Update - 0945 GMT Orphans of Liberty Post "Deliver us from evil" linked here.

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