Thursday, January 05, 2012

Crippling Britain's industry and consumers in the decades ahead!

The German holding one of the key positions in rendering British industry uncompetitive in the decades ahead, Volker Beckers, profile here, appeared on Jeff Randall Live on Sky News last night.

Joined by a platitude spouting no-mark, who apparently heads the national grid, they informed the nation that cheaper energy than that available today was an impossibility for Britain. Such is the supreme confidence of this man, who appears to have been recently working hardest at dropping any trace of a German accent, (presumably to make his message of despair for the British more palayable,) that the treacherous EU placeman as Britain's Energy Supremo,Chris Huhne, will avoid any charges for the perversion of the course of justice, and remain in place to destroy the last remaining chances of Britain acquiring a competitive energy industry way into the foreseeable future.

I had hoped to provide a vido link to parts of Randall's interview, but nothing is yet available, should it posted on Sky News later, I will put a link here.

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