Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Delusional words from the EU Commission on 10 years of Euro notes and coins!

It is an offence against sanity and plain common sense that the EU Commission can issue a press release, as they have at midday today, linked here, containing the following assertion:

The fundamental purpose of economic and monetary union and the euro was - and still is - to allow the European economy to function better, create more jobs and a better life for Europeans. The euro is not just a technical monetary arrangement, but a symbol for the determination to work together in a spirit of solidarity.

The euro does not bring economic stability and growth on its own. First, this is achieved through the sound management of the euro-area economy under the rules of the EU Treaty and the Stability and Growth Pact (SGP), a central cog in the wheel of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).

The euro does not bring stability and growth at all. It brings trade imbalances, dissent, austerity, zero growth and soon a financial transaction tax, the proceeds of which will go largely to keep the dreadful EU machine running by means of its  worthless and over paid, over-perked and over-pensioned fonctionaires.

The EU which the euro represents exists to crush national parliamentary democracy and install an elitist tyranny where the governed and controlled citizenry of Europe have no say nor control over any aspect of their lives.

That is why free-thinkers across the continent wish to see the demise of the EU project as it has been presently constructed! National Parliamentarians, still the only elected representatives of the people of Europe, must quickly begin the task of removing all their delegated authorities from the EU Commission and all the other pillars and institutions of the European Union.

If Europe's Parliamentarians fail in this duty, they too will eventually suffer the wrath that those directly involved in the EU project must surely soon begin to attract.



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