Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ireland's ruling tyrannical troika order massive new taxes and cuts.

The Irish Times reveals the latest proposals from its German led rulers ostensibly representing the EU, IMF and ECB in a detailed report in this morning's newspaper linked here.

Among the detail provided, the already long-suffering Irish citizens still struggling to remain in the country will now face: a value-based property tax (to replace the €100 household charge); a further rise in carbon tax; hikes in vehicle and motor taxes as part of a reform to revert from emissions-based charges; further changes in PRSI; reducing the tax-related cost of private pension provision; and increased excises for alcohol and tobacco.

In 2013 there will be no relief, as a total of €3.5 billion in savings are planned; €1.25 billion in new taxes and €2.25 billion in cuts.

Who cheered when the Euro coins and notes arrived in Ireland ten years ago, only the bankers can be left with any smiles today in the emerald isle!



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