Saturday, December 31, 2011

Are Golliwogs behind the latest Tory confusion over the EU?

Was it a veto or not, is it a referendum lock or not? The British Conservative Party leadership has been clueless over Europe since they removed Margaret Thatcher for not handing the nation to the EU.

Roger Helmer looked as if he had played a blinder last October, when he resigned as an MEP for the Tories, for while 2012 seems unlikely to yet bring physical violence against sitting MEP's in the UK, as seems a danger for 2012 elsewhere in the EU, having quit in 2011 could well prove the smartest move of recent times for any involved in the particular expenses, pensions and perks gathering racket that has been the European Parliament over the past years!

Guido Fawkes stirred things up about this indecision, earlier today, by suggesting it was all connected with the latest plan to feminize the Tories, as I reported below, but now, more mundanely, it appears from this report from the BBC, that the delay is caused by another one of the modern Cameroon Conservative's concerns - Golliwogs! A quote:

Under the Conservative Party's constitution, Mr Helmer's seat will be offered to Rupert Matthews, the candidate who was next on the Conservative Party list for the East Midlands at the 2009 election.

On Wednesday, the Tory party in Westminster said it was continuing to look into reports that golliwog dolls featured on the front cover of a book published by a company of which Mr Matthews is a director.

If I was Mr Helmer, or indeed any other sitting MEP, I would not let these things drag on for too long into the New Year, when the National Politicians start pointing fingers, as the economic crisis worsens, having stood down might be the one and only decent defence for the sycophants of Strasbourg!

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Blogger WitteringsfromWitney said...

Thought I saw a tweet that said Helmer has rescinded that decision - typical Tory, says one thing and does another.......!

Golliwogs? There goes multiculturalism rearing its ugly head again.........

7:28 PM  

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