Friday, December 30, 2011

3 High-Profile MEPs question basic concept of the Fiscal Compact Treaty.

The MEPs, Guy Verhofstadt, Elmar Brok and Italian socialist MEP Roberto Gualtieri have queried the referral of member states to the ECJ, 'in a document seen by The Irish Times, they question the proposal to give member states the right to take action in the European Court of Justice against countries that do not introduce a “golden rule” binding them to run balanced or surplus budgets and to limit their national debt.
“At best it is questionable whether it will work; at worst it will pitch member states against each other, which will be the start of the end of the union,” said Liberal group leader Guy Verhofstadt, a former prime minister of Belgium.'

The entire Irish Times article, may be read from this link.  Clear signs that the real intent of the EU Parliament will be to kill the whole treaty stone dead (deficit financing being the lifeblood for this den of drooling and corrupt vampires) comes in the final paragraph of the newspapers article as follows:

The MEPs say the treaty should automatically lapse after seven years and that participating governments should move within five years of its enactment to integrate its provisions into the existing EU treaties.

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