Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some questions for EU fanatics of the BBC from John Redwood.

The following is an extract from John Redwood's Diary, linked here:

Why not interview the enthusiasts for the Euro scheme and ask them how much more damage they want to do? Are they pleased to have brought the European banking system to its knees, to dependence on artificial injections of cash from the ECB? Did they learn nothing from the diaster of the ERM? Why is the Euro scheme different? Do they regret cobbling economies together that were performing so differently? Have they any idea on how to channel the German surpluses to cover the southern deficits? Was it part of the plan to create a world where the EU sends in technical administrators to distressed EU countries to put through large cuts in public spending? Did they realise they were creating a mutual austerity machine?

Do they think the industrial companies will hang around in western Europe to pay the high energy prices they impose in the name of anti global warming? Does making them conform with the growing libraries of rules help, when they can go to cheaper and easier jurisdictions to make their goods? Are they yet alarmed by the amount of industry that has decamped to Asia and Latin America?



Anonymous IanPJ said...

Which begs the question of John Redwood.. What the hell are you still doing in a party that continues to heap this penury on the UK public?

Until people like Redwood, Carswell and Hannan actually leave the conservative party, cross the floor under another's banner, then no-one will take any notice.

10:37 AM  
Blogger strapworld said...

well said IanPJ. I have suggested many times that the rebels wihin the tory party should start The True Conservative Party. It is quite astounding that they appear to believe that Cameron has changed from the europhile he is to a sceptic. The next EU meeting will return Cameron to the fold.

12:44 PM  

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