Sunday, January 01, 2012

10 years today since Deception and Delusion were cemented to rule the EU!

Those driving the EU forward, well knew when they introduced the notes and coinage of the Common Currency of the EU onto the streets of the majority of the member states of the EU under EMU, that the economic case and history pointed to the ending we are today witnessing.

For their own political motives, in my view used to disguise their personal lust for power and private prosperity, they first deluded themselves and then proceeded to deceive the wider public all across the EU.

Deception and deceit thereafter became the rule in nearly all the dealings of the EU, it will be that fact, slowly but surely becoming obvious to the majority of the people across Europe, occurring much sooner than many could possibly imagine, that will bring this odious institution that the EU has now become to an early and hopefully rapid end.

Whether it is the Euro that goes first or second is an irrelevance.

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