Thursday, January 05, 2012

Return of the Easterlings

There are some sources that attribute the term sterling for Britain's currency and silver as derived from the merchants, referred to initially as Easterlings who dominated the nation's trade for much of the Middle Ages and eventually became better known as the Hanseatic League.

In this Google Book link for the year 1442 we find this entry:

"In this year," says Sir Robert Cotton's Posthuma,  "being the twentieth of HenryVI.........."the privileges of the Prussians and Hans-town merchants be suspended, until compensation be made to the English for the wrongs done them."

Listening to our Deputy Prime Minister this morning it seems clear that he is clearly following in the footsteps of the Easterlings, listen from here, and read the post immediately beneath this to see how one such, Volker Beckers, is set on destroying our trading potential - cheaper energy ever forming the foundation for prosperity and a competitive trading economy - Chris Huhne, Clegg's side-kick is clearly intent on depriving the country of that.

We urgently need a Parliament with the courage of that of 1442 under Henry VI!

(Update 1400 GMT :MT More worthwhile reading on the early influence of Cologne etc., on Richard I and John is here.)

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