Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Over 40 years I have built up a reputation" Brodie Clark

The quote in this posting's headline, comes from a statement to a Select Committee of the British House of Commons today. It was made by a former senior civil servant of the Home Office, discharged last week, over a matter regarding the performance of his duties.

40 long years - I remember them all pretty well. Forty years of incompetent government, penny-pinching, nepotism, corruption, inefficiency, mal-administration, selling-out to foreigners and self-enrichment for the administrative classes, which Brodie Clark  so perfectly epitomises with his arrogant presentation of irrelevancies casually presuming that he is genetically incapable of either misjudgement or wrongdoing.

The same arrogance that allows Mervyn King to bow before the Crown today in receipt of a Knighthood, as if that were deserved, rather than a hemp rope, scaffold and trap door - for the inflation he has deliberately delivered to the British people as again statistically officially confirmed today.

There is not a serving or retired senior civil servant of forty years service, surviving today, who does not fully deserve being stripped of every honour and every item of income above that of an OAP.  Brodie Clark's performance proves that beyond any doubt!

Look at Britain today, - consider the despair  -  expressed in the Commons this afternoon, on the widespread suffering of ordinary individuals described by MPs in the fuel price debate. Remember if you are able, the hope, drive, enterprise and ambition of ordinary people forty years ago, before our politicians and administrators abandoned governance for their own self-enrichment and advancement within the federization of Europe. Forty years ago we were still proud of what we had achieved in defeating nazism, not daily bowing and acceding to its similar demands.

Contempt oozes from every pore of Brodie Clark, the same contempt that corrupts our MPs and so many other public servants -  all down the chain of command, to the usually arrogant individual, who flicks the pages of your passport as you return to your supposed own country, and compels you to once again feel the deep shame that being English, today seems to demand!



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