Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Now for the corruption from the EU and within Government services!

We are finally scratching the surface of the obscenities, arising from the cosying up to the press, by senior politicians, of our two thoroughly rotten main poltical parties. Similarly, with the expenses scandal, some of the worst abuses by our elected politicians and peers within the House of Lords has finally begun to be addressed.

The nation cannot pretend that matters either end there, or just with the police.

This blog has several times in the past reported on certain blatant abuses of power within the civil service, all of which have gone completely ignored elsewhere. It would be the height of stupidity for any to believe that there are not similar abuses underway within local government and the EU regional organisations, which will eventually point us to the corrupt centre of all excesses, those delivered to us by our membership of the European Union.

The non-declaration by certain peers of their EU pensions in supporting amendments to the European Union Bill, in the past few months, is yet another area worthy of urgent and full investigation.

We must remember, in the coming days, that the obvious corruption in Downing Street, is merely giving us a small glimpse of where New Labour and Cameron's Conservatives have taken our nation!

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