Sunday, July 17, 2011

The rot in the loft of Britain's society is today ruthlessly exposed!

On the first Sunday for some 168 years, where the News of the World is absent from the paper racks of the nation, ordinary men and women, without the distraction of some small sex scandal, to titillate them, can now view the extent of the rot at the top of their society, as the ceiling, patched with the sordid news sheets from the Murdoch press, has this past week, been removed. The death watch beetle, wood worm and other nameless destroyers has all too clearly been too long at work. The roof needs replacement!

In the Sunday Telegraph we are informed that the nation's most senior policeman had five weeks free accomodation at the swish and well known health resort of Champneys.

In the Mail on Sunday we are treated to pictures of the BBC Business editor and prime mover in the Lloyds debacle, drinking with Lord Mandelson in a Chipping Norton set party, in which our Prime Minister is quite clearly hopelessly entangled.

I could continue with links and examples, but to what point. Any reading my blogs have been forewarned for years.

What matters is that Britain, as an independent sovereign state has effectively ceased to exist, while our establishment has been engaged in pursuing their own ends, the EU has been handed the reins of power.

What is happening in Europe receives little coverage in our national press. Yet on Thursday, the present useless and ineffective bunch of failed national leaders will gather together to cobble together a solution to an economic crisis the likes of which Europe has never before witnessed!

Looking at our soiled Prime Minister and his pathetic excuse for a Foreign Minister, can we really leave the country to be represented by such men at a gathering to which we have ceded power, AND in whose panic, who knows what might be the outcome?

Read EurActiv -  "The Titanic spectre looms" from here.

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