Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cameron has clearly been under Murdoch's control. He must resign!

My blog Teetering Tories, linked here, details in full the entire sorry progress of David Cameron's devious path into Downing Street. A course, that the latest information now published in The Scotsman, linked here, was, it appears, made entirely possible only by the secretive help of Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation, read here.

Twenty-six times in fourteen months he met with News International executives, and once a month with Ms Brooks, AND THAT SINCE BECOMING PRIME MINISTER:

Although Mr Murdoch's News Corp was involved in a controversial bid to take full control of BSkyB, Mr Cameron met senior representatives of the company on 26 occasions from May 2010.

The Prime Minister saw Rebekah Brooks up to 14 times - once a month since he took office.

The Lib/Dems cannot now continue in Coalition with this man heading their Government, nor should the Conservative Party tolerate him remaining as their Leader. The Diary meetings of a man beholden for WHAT?

Diary dates

CAMERON'S meetings with proprietors, editors and senior media executives:

May 2010 Rupert Murdoch, general discussion
June 2010 Rebekah Brooks, Chequers
June 2010 Dominic Mohan (Sun), general discussion
June 2010 News International summer party
June 2010 James Harding (Times), interview
June 2010 Times CEO Summit, speech
July 2010 The Sun Police Bravery Awards reception and dinner
July 2010 Dominic Mohan (Sun), general discussion
July 2010 Colin Myler (News of the World), general discussion
August 2010 Rebekah Brooks, Chequers
September 2010 John Witherow (Sunday Times), general discussion
October 2010 James Harding (Times), Tory party conference
October 2010 Dominic Mohan (Sun) with Rebekah Brooks
October 2010 John Witherow (Sunday Times), Tory party conference
October 2010 News International reception, Tory Party Conference
November 2010 James Murdoch, Chequers
December 2010 The Sun Military Awards reception and dinner
December 2010 Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch, social
December 2010 Rebekah Brooks, social
March 2011 News of the World Children's Champions Reception, (No 10)
April 2011 James Harding (Times), gen. discussion
May 2011 Dominic Mohan (Sun), general discussion
June 2011 James Harding (Times), general discussion
June 2011 News International summer party, social
June 2011 Times CEO Summit, speech
July 2011 The Sun Police Bravery Awards reception and dinner

Yet never forget the EU is on the verge of complete disintegration, see my earlier postings of today, immediately below. A rapid changeover at the top seems essential before next Thursday's crisis EU meeting!

Cameron's resignation should be demanded immediately!



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