Thursday, July 14, 2011

Draft Treaty of new European Stability Mechanism (ESM) in English

This draft dated 18th May 2011 in English was tracked down by Denis Cooper.

The introduction is in Finnish but the entire draft is in English. The question, tonight is, will the euro survive long enough to ever need this new Treaty?

The file in pdf format is linked from here.

Take note of these ESM key percentages, for I will be illustrating the absurdity of future rates of distress, based on the present PIIGS progress up to this point of summer 2011 sometime soon!

Country ESM key (%)
Kingdom of Belgium 3,4771
Federal Republic of Germany 27,1464
Republic of Estonia 0,1860
Ireland 1,5922
Hellenic Republic 2,8167
Kingdom of Spain 11,9037
French Republic 20,3859
Italian Republic 17,9137
Republic of Cyprus 0,1962
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 0,2504
Republic of Malta 0,0731
Kingdom of the Netherlands 5,7170
Republic of Austria 2,7834
Portuguese Republic 2,5092
Republic of Slovenia 0,4276
Slovak Republic 0,8240
Republic of Finland 1,7974
Total 100.0



Anonymous Anonymous said...

One must just read two articles of this document to understand that this is just a big fraud.

Article 30 "Immunities of persons"
Article 31 "Exemption from taxation"

This new supranational bank will have all the powers and hold we, the people of Europe, in a never ending slavery.

2:54 PM  

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