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A stink of rotting fish

I said it all years ago and running out of words finally resorted to quoting Christopher Booker's column from the Sunday Telegraph, eight years ago this weekend. Read today's EU press release regarding our fishless seas, from here, or re-read that posting:
Fisheries Fiasco

Christopher Booker in his Sunday Telegraph column takes up the subject covered in some detail here yesterday, namely the treasonable situation now pertaining to Britain's fisheries.

Seas fouled with rotting fish in the name of conservation

This journalist mentions the years of pointless protest he has individually mounted regarding what has been allowed to happen to what once was one of our island nation's most precious resources: its surrounding seas, and ends his piece as follows:-

To this Mr Blair's Government raised no objection. So the ultimate responsibility for the obscene disaster unfolding around Britain's coasts lies with our own Government and with every MP who tacitly allows it to continue.

Pleas to the non-existent consciences of Government Ministers and MPs have proved entirely fruitless in the past and will do so again. Only criminal proceedings and rigorous police efforts to find and arrest the culprits can now be sufficient and force action. Arguments that no crime has been committed cannot hold water when as Booker reports:-

Meanwhile they watch their French competitors pulling in huge catches of cod quite legally, because France's quota in these British waters is 10 times larger than that permitted to Britain.

Britain has not been an occupied country for centuries and we have had continuous Government for as long. What is happening has therefore been allowed by individual responsible ministers and they must be brought to account and their motives fully exposed. They have attempted to sell off a huge part of the birthright of the people of this nation, in the process they have lied to Parliament and the electorate, and their successors have continued to cover-up and dissemble. The results have been seen and reported upon by our own fisherman who are witnessing the scandal with their own eyes and having their livliehoods removed from their own pockets while the culprits and their successors grow fat in Brussels.

This is the biggest scandal of our lifetime and those in politics know it. Heath bought our way into Europe with our marine resources, he lied about it in Parliament and every government since has become a party to that lie as they fail to correct the matter. They cannot keep the facts from the people forever, maybe this situation will be the much needed alarm call!

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