Monday, July 18, 2011

Police chief quits throwing Cameron a curved ball!

The senior police officer in Britain, Sir Paul Stephenson, has resigned as Metropolitan Police Commissioner, proving the depths of the culture of corruption that has swept across Britain since our absorbtion into the political processes of the Continent of Europe. Read here and pretty well everywhere else across Britain's MSM this morning. One  exception is The Guardian which selects as its lead online headline, the arrest of Rebekah Brooks, who attended a police station believing she was to be interviewed as a witness, on criminal charges.

As I posted on Saturday morning, linked here, this poses a tremendous problem for the Conservative and Liberal Democratic parties. Although Nick Clegg, the EU automated dummy, seemed blissfully unaware of the crisis facing the nation of which he is Deputy Prime Minister, in a TV interview he gave yesterday morning.

Greece is on a knife edge, according to the IMF, read here, and the theory used in the EBA bank stress tests last Friday that Greek bonds are still worth 85% of their issued value seems to be about to be tested to the possible destruction of the entire world's economy, as suggested here.

Read what this blog had to say on Coulson in Downing Street last September and November, here and here, including the following:

With Coulson at the centre of Britain's Coalition Government the people of the country will sooner rather than later realise they are being governed by a small clique of PR savvy conmen. Long may he remain at the centre of power to spur the few decent men and women remaining in British politics to gather their courage for once in their lives to do the decent thing and eject them all from power.

The moment can no longer be deferred, change must be made before Thursday!

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