Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coalition Government must remove itself from Control by the Murdoch Media Manipulation Machine.

On Sunday 5th September last year, I made a long posting on Cameron and Coulson and the disgraceful consequences of that relationship. It linked the New York Times report on the hacking scandal, which before today's Commons debate, merits re-reading in full, linked here.

The title I chose for the posting was"Cameron's stain on Downing Street - Andy Coulson" Things have worsened considerably since that time, as is widely covered elsewhere. The concluding portion of that posting remains completely valid, especially in view of the Sarkozy meeting with Merkel in Berlin today and tomorrow's emergency Euro Group meeting, which seems likely to transfer debts of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy at least onto Britains' already debt-laden taxpayers.

David Cameron, fond of being snapped breathing germs only millimetres from the faces of his various offspring, is in reality a hard nosed political opportunist, who (as this blog has repeatedly raised in various postings) has already sold out the main firm commitment from the Conservative manifesto remaining in the Coalition Agreement, namely not to surrender further British Sovereignty to the EU, having done just that on 17th June at the EU Council. Liberal Democrats not wishing to now become tarred by the same brush of sleaze, half-truths and downright untruths which the Downing Street media manipulation machine has become over recent years should quickly re-examine the backgrounds and lack of integrity and judgement that seems to be the rule among the leadership of their coalition partners as Parliament re-convenes after its long break during the past crisis ridden summer. Does the country really wish the connotation of 10 Downing Street to be set by former News of the World editor Andy Coulson? If so many former Tory Prime Ministers must now be turning in their graves.

I personally will be watching for the contribution from Vince Cable to today's debate and the posture of Jeremy Hunt, whom Cameron chose as the vehicle for handing BskyB to the Murdoch's.

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