Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Germany grows stronger surrounded by wreckage of the periphery.

The following quote comes from a market report, linked here:

German trade data showed strong growth in exports in March, which the value of goods shipped out of the Fatherland rising to their highest ever monthly value.

The value of exports was 15.8% higher than in March 2010.The value of German exports on a seasonally adjusted basis rose 7.3% to €98.3bn after rising 2.8% in February. The strong rise caught economists on the hop, as they had only expected a rise of around 1.1%.

The trade balance broadened to €18.9bn from February's €11.9bn.

Meantime a team from the EU/IMF will arrive in Greece this week to speed the necessary asset sales which realistically now offer the only means of repaying the ever growing and huge sums of Greek debt! Who will have the money to aquire the huge numbers of islands etc., that will inevitably be involved? Is this 21st century method of conquest acceptable to the people of Europe?

At a dinner party over the past weekend I only half-jokingly suggested that if people were prepared to support a campaign to shun or boycott German products the situation could be reversed. None present, however, were prepared to do without their Bosche kitchen equipment, Karcher cleaning appliances etc., etc., so thus Europe  lies at Germany's feet, to do with what it wills, making the agonies and victims of two 20th century World Wars completely pointless by the end of the first two decades of the 21st century!



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