Friday, April 08, 2011

How much must Greece and Ireland pay towards Portugal?

After whatever sordid deal is cobbled together in Budapest today, the question in this post's heading will be that to first consider. As the crisis moves to Spain, how much will Portugal then have to contribute to save the Spanish, continue the sequence and the absurdity of present events will be obvious, surely, to all.

Consider another aspect of the Euro crisis, from the headline in the Irish Times this morning:

ECB interest rate hike to affect over 75% of Irish homeowners

The article itself may be read from here. Remember Irish taxpayers are already having all their pips squeezed to satisfy the EU and IMF (Ireland's real rulers) who are presently in Dublin to ensure that the new Irish Government does nothing outside the terms of the rescue fund, now disclosed as never having been approved by the former cabinet!

Surprise, surprise, this morning some good news, a mainstream media journalist in the UK has awoken to the dangers from the Euro, read Peter Oborne in the Telegraph from here, finally twigging what this blog and its forerunner have been almost daily stating for eight long years.

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