Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Euro-currency was France's price for German Reunification - Der Spiegel

An astonishing article has appeared in Der Spiegel which includes the allegation that President Mitterand of France gave his assent for the destruction of the Deutshemark under changed conditions, linked here: Mitterrand, at any rate, knew what he wanted for France. He demanded that Kohl agree to introduce the euro earlier and under different conditions than the chancellor had wanted. Thatcher, given her critical stance toward Europe, lacked even this option. From then on, she contributed little more to the game than her foul mood. This seems an incredibly damaging moment for German public opinion to calmly swallow such astonishing revelations as the whole long Der Spiegel article covers, especially given the implication of the news from Ireland, Spain and Portugal during the past week. The Der Spiegel column running to nine pages begins here. So as this blog and its forerunner Ironies have suggested all along, the Euro Currency could never possibly last in the long run, have the German leaders, therefore, also relied on this obvious fact and this moment of the common currency's collapse is in fact all part of a very long term plan?



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