Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Treasures from the threads - Number forty-four

Link to Hansard for any interested in Article XII of the Act of Union referred to in the quoted comment. House of Lords Privileges Case for Lord Gray, click here. Two highly intelligent comments to the Telegraph in one day, wow reality must be finally setting in back in blighty, this is from 'anyoldiron' to Simon Heffer, linked here, as follows:
Today 12:05 AM
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Do the LibDems really think that uppermost in people's mind at this terrible time financially is the Alternative Vote? After what is happening now, all those presently in Parliament will be very lucky if any one of us ever votes for any one of them again. It is time to be aware that the people will turn on ALL politicians, not just those that presently lodge in a ‘pretend’ Government. We vote and contribute towards their pay for actually Governing this Country in everything. There is an EU Navy we are told working off Somalia. Do this Government expect the people just to accept an EU Army, and EU Air-Force? Do we just accept an EU Police Force? I am not even asking for a referendum on whether we should accept any of these things, or a referendum to see whether we should remain in the EU because to say 'Yes' in a referendum would, in view of our solemn Oath of Allegiance to the British Crown and through the Crown to all in this Country would be, quite simply, treason, wouldn't it Simon? We should never have joined and every Government has known that too, for they make those same Oaths of Allegiance. Perhaps the greatest betrayal of all is to our serving forces in Afghanistan that need more and better equipment. Over the last years of Labour our Forces have been drastically cut down-and they have needed far more protective gear and equipment. Yet since 2004, our Government has been contributing each year to the European Defence Force and £4.01 million is expected for 2010. Spend THAT money on our own Forces. We are having cuts in schools and Hospitals yet when is our Government going to cut down permanently on the billions we pay to the EU each and every year? They are putting the EUJ before their own Country and quite simply, WE CANNOT AFFORD TO REMAIN IN THE EU ANY LONGER. All this and all the LibDems can do is whitter on about AV and yet another messed up reform of the House of Lords which will put the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in jeopardy if no attention is given to Clause XXII in the Act of Union for16 Scottish Hereditary Peers must remain to fulfill that long standing Treaty. (There were only Hereditary Peers at that time, and obviously there is a great difference between the two otherwise there would have been no need to get rid of the Hereditary Peers). At least 16 Hereditary Peers must remain in the House of Lords for if the Act of Union is repudiated then the Act of Settlement comes under scrutiny for the whole of her Majesty’s Commonwealth is at risk and those are long lasting friends we certainly do not want to lose.



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