Monday, July 05, 2010

40% Cuts prepared yet silence on EU costs!

A report issued by the Bruges Group and prepared by Gerard Batten MEP, linked here, showed that in 2008 the EU cost every British taxpayer two thousand one hundred and nineteen pounds. Annual costs will continue to rocket! Yet the Coalition Government has no plans to curb our contributions to a club that is on the edge of disintegration. This is an outrage, yet even a poll today for the Local Government Association makes no apparent suggestion in this summary that the hugely costly EU be targeted ......... What is going on in that insane country where I was born? If people were not meant for shearing they would not have been born as sheople I guess can be the only answer to that. It is ASTOUNDING that such STUPIDITY can so quickly become apparently institutionalized. It seems a bit like a playground bully taking 90p of your weekly one pound pocket money and then when you seek to make economies you only look at the 10p with which you have been left as a source of possible cuts. Is that dumb or what. Fight back England for heavens sake!



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