Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hypocrite Hague

Were William Hague to be honest, let alone have the slightest degree of honour, the speech he would make on the EU today would rather than this outrageous garbage cover the following critical points: The EU today is at a crisis point brought upon its constituent former national states by the devious manipulations and plain lies of those behind its formation and development. The economic consequences of its failures now seem likely to plunge the citizens of Europe into a decade of reduced wealth and civil conflict. William Hague has, while using politics as a handy back-up in his own wealth creating activities, claimed to have been amongst those who doubted the direction of the EU project while actually acting as one of the many useful idiots who behind the scenes have enabled its destruction of democracy and national sovereignty. Today Hague might have chosen to challenge the legality of the Lisbon Treaty and earlier such Treaties as non-constitutional under English Law and sought unilateral withdrawal for the UK at a saving of billions of pounds of expenditure for each year of the coming dreadful decade of austerity. The EU in any event cannot long survive the failing of its single currency therefore such expenditure will not just be wasted in the usual self-indulgent EU manner but be lost for ever. Instead he reportedly proposes offering Britain's brightest to the service of the Evil Union to make the non-democratic system ever more efficient in its trampling of Europe's remaining rights and assets. (Has news on the raid by police investigators on the Gothic nave of St Rombout Cathedral in Brussels not percolated the walls of the Foreign Office this week and has the ability to put 2 and 2 together and draw a sensible list of possibilities entirely fled the Foreign Office? Is such a City really the place that William Hague desires our brightest adminiustrators be based? And under whose control will these expensively educated individuals be placed and with what end in mind?) Hague, unlike many from his party who are clearly only culpable as facilitators in this European conspiracy, now appears as likely to be among the main conspirators, others (previously presumed to be Continentals) have as yet not emerged from the shadows. This blog has recently been fairly silent as the EU chaos grows and the consequences of years of intrigue slowly become clear can be daily read in the mainstream media and viewed on TV. The fact that none of this is anything other than entirely deliberate may be read in the archives of this blog. William Hague's public betrayal this morning, however, could not possibly be allowed to pass without comment on this blog. Is Hague one of the main EU conspirators? Was that why he was briefly allowed to lead the Conservative Party? Is Cameron now following in Hague's footsteps?



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